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Meet the Artists

Charlie Dear


Charlie is the talent behind the Max & Mia illustrations you see across the website.


Charlie lives in Perth, Scotland. Always scribbling in a sketchbook, she loves nothing more than creating vibrant illustrations that make people smile. When not illustrating, she can be found hoarding kitsch jewellery and indulging her sour tooth.


Check out more of Charlie's work here.

Belinda Elliott


profile pic copy_edited.png

Belinda illustrated the gorgeous pup holding the leaf.


Belinda lives in Sydney and loves creating illustrations with movement, texture and emotion. She has enjoyed illustrating several picture books, with her latest,  ‘Just Call Me Ronnie’ due for release this November. Belinda finds inspiration for her drawings and paintings in the Australian landscape.

Check out more of Belinda's work here.

Jennifer Crow


Jen Crow Pic.png

Jennifer is responsible for the awesome and quirky 'A Squeaky Tail' illustration on the website.


Jen is an animator and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. She likes working with bright colours in digital mediums, as well as with traditional inks, watercolours and gouache. When not illustrating, Jen can be found doting on her pet rats and mice, and watching cartoons.


Check out more of Jen's work here.

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